Monday, January 7, 2008

shadowy impressions on sunset

For my atob, I will be making a series of pinhole images, each exposure lasting the entire length of my commute, both from a to b and returning from b to a. Though taken regularly along generally the same route, these long exposure pinhole images will change as the time of day, amount of traffic, season, sun location, speed, and unexpected route changes alter what the light sensitive paper records.

I began the experiments this week, setting up the pinhole camera in the back window of my car. The darkroom is not yet ready, so the irregularly cut paper negatives (done with scissors in the closet!) have jammed a bit in the 4x5 holders. Today the camera slid, then flipped, as I took the big curve down Sunset heading up to Westwood. Though I'm interested to see those results, I have remedied this erratic variable with two strong strips of velcro. It has made my own commute more interesting certainly, as I study the drivers behind me, wondering if they imagine me a tool of the surveillance environment; if they know split-second traces of their faces, headlights, hood reflections will reappear in some form in chinatown. Tomorrow I will process the first four tests and hope the rain allowed for an initial phase of shadowy impressions on sunset.

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